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Korg PA-600



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Main features:

Main features:

Keyboard: 61 keys with Velocity

Sounds: Over 950 (including a Stereo Piano and the GM 2 database) 64 Drum Kits

256 Sounds

128 Drum Kits

128 Oscillators - Resonance Filters

96 MB

4 Stereo Master Effects, with 125 different effect types

3-band equalizer for each track -

Articulations Limiter

4-band parametric equalizer

Dynamic Nuance Control Technology (DNC)

Fully editable sounds and drum kits.

Realtime Sound Control on Assignable Switches

Joystick - 2 programmable keys

Styles Database:

Over 360 internal styles, fully programmable

Over 1,120 Style locations available in the Favorite / User banks

8 tracks, 4 Single Touch Settings and 1 Style Performance per Style

3 Intros, 4 Variations, 4 Fills, Break, 3 Endings, Autofill, Synchro Start / Stop, Tap Tempo / Reset,

Manual Bass, Bass Inversion, Memory, Accompaniment Mute, Snare & Kick Designation,

STS Mode - Chord Sequencer

Guitar Mode 2,

Parallel and Fixed NTT, Style Record with Step Record, Track and Event Edit function

Performance / STS:

320 Realtime Performance

STS: for storing the tracks used in real time

Up to 4 x Styles, up to 4 x each SongBook entries

My Setting

Special performance for customized instrument setting

4 Keyboard tracks (Upper 1, 2, 3, Lower)

4 Pad tracks + Stop key - Pad Record

Single Play with controls: Select, Start / Stop, Home, Rewind and Fast Forward

Jukebox function - Compatible with SMF (format 0 and 1) and MP3 with Vocal Remover

Lyrics (compatible with CDG format), Score, Marker

7 ”color chart; 800 x 480 TFT resolution; TouchView

Quick Record (Backing Sequence), Multitrack and Step Record

16 MIDI track sequencer (SMF format) with a maximum capacity of up to 100,000 events.

Fully configurable music database based on Styles, SMF, Karaoke,

MP3 with automatic selection of the Style Play and Song Play modes - User-programmable Custom Lists - Filtering option

Search function for Style, Song, Performance, SongBook, Sound and lyrics in Lyrics, TXT format

KORG Series "i": Styles

KORG Pa Series: Styles, Performance, Sounds, PCM, Song, SongBook and Pad

Master Volume, Real Time-Acc / Seq. Balance Volume, Ensemble, Octave Transpose, Master Transpose, Fade In / Out, Tempo Lock, Style Change, Quarter Tone Arabic Scale, User Scale (stored within Performance / STS),

Search, Lyrics, Score, Maker, Dial, Tempo, Metronome, Split.

Damper pedal, Assignable pedal (continuous or switch)

Unbalanced outputs with Jack Left / Mono, Right, Headphone connector

2 unbalanced inputs with Jack connector

In, Out Midi - USB to Midi with the USB Device port

Individual track assignment - 8 MIDI Presets that can be set by the user.

Type A (TO DEVICE) x 1: 2.0 Hi Speed

Type B (TO HOST) x 1: 2.0 Hi Speed

Amplification: 15W x 2

Speakers: 100 mmx 2 coaxial speakers, Box Bass Reflex

Power supply: AC 100-240 V

Consumption: 20 watts

Dimensions: 1.030 x 378 x 127 mm without music stand

Weight: 11 kg

User manual, music stand, accessory DVD (includes video manual), network cable

Expression / Volume pedal (KORG EXP-2, KORG XVP-10)

Damper pedal (KORG DS-1H)

Switch pedal (KORG PS-1, PS-3)

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Korg PA-600

Korg PA-600


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