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Yamaha PSR-EW410


Yamaha PSR-EW410

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Main features:

Number of keys: 76

Touch response: Soft, medium, hard, fixed

Other controllers:

Pitch Bend Wheel: Yes

Knobs: Yes

English language

Sound generation technology: AWM stereo sampling

Polyphony (max.): 48

Number of entries: 758

Compatibility: GM, XGlite

Reverbs: 12

Chorus: 5

Master EQ: 6

DSP: 10

Functions: Dual, Split, 26x harmony, 150 x Arpeggio, melody suppressor, Crossfade

Number of styles: 235

Fingering: Multi - Finger

The external styles: 10

Number of grooves: 35

Number of sections: 5 (4 sections + 1 Climax musical / final)

Number of preset tracks: 30

Number of download songs: 70

Number of recording songs: 10

Recording time: 80 min depending on USB flash drives

Reproduction: WAV (44.1kHz 16 bit stereo)

Type of sampling: Nornal, Oneshot, Loop

Samples (Preset / User): 7

Sampling time: Approximately 9.6 sec

Sources of sampling: AUX IN

Sampling format: Original File Format (16 bit, stereo)

Sampling frequency44.1 kHz

USB audio interface: 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, Stereo

Number of buttons: 4 (x 8 banks)

General controls: Metronome, Time interval, Transpose, tuning, 5 x scales, piano key

Internal memory: Approximately 1.73 MB

External drives: USB Flash Drive

Connectivity: USB to Host, USB to device, DC IN 16V, headphones, Sustain Pedal, AUX IN

Amplifiers: 12W + 12W

Diffusers: 12 cm x 2

AC adapter: PA - 300C or equivalent recommended by Yamaha

Batteries: Six cm D cm alkaline dimensions (LR20), manganese (R20) or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries

Power consumption: 11 W (when using the AC adapter PA - 300 C)

Automatic shutdown: Yes

Dimensions (W x D x H): 1179 x 413 x 138 mm

Weight: 8.4 kg

AC adapter, owner's manual (PA - 300C or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha) Music Res

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Yamaha PSR-EW410

Yamaha PSR-EW410

Yamaha PSR-EW410

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