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Tascam DR-680 MkII


Multitrack Field Recorder

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Main features:

Improved audio quality

Support for SDXC cards that offer higher capacities and longer recording times

Take numbers (files) can be reset using the "Take No. Init" function for easier file management

Improved battery life now makes the unit 150% longer than the original

Better clock accuracy for closer synchronization with video devices

Dual recording function for simultaneous recording of two files, one at -12 dB lower as a backup

Playback of multitrack recordings, such as those prepared in a DAW

Support for lithium batteries as well as alkaline and NiMH

SD / SDHC / SDXC cards used as recording / playback media

6 balanced mic / line inputs (1-4: XLR / TRS combo jacks, 5-6: TRS jacks)

6 unbalanced outputs (RCA pin jack)

COAXIAL digital input and output (S / PDIF, AES / EBU)

Recording / playback formats: BWF, WAV, MP3

With the BWF format, recording start times can be stored in files

8-track 24 bit / 96 kHz recording (BWF, WAV)

6 mic / line inputs and stereo mix recording or 6 mic / line inputs and digital stereo recording

Record MP3 files at 96, 128, 192 and 320 kbps

Record 4-channel MP3 files with 4 mic / line inputs (XLR / TRS combo jack) or 2 mic / line inputs and digital stereo inputs

24-bit / 192 kHz 2-track recording (BWF, WAV) from 2 mic / line inputs or digital stereo inputs

Digital inputs and outputs support dual speed 96 kHz and quad speed 192 kHz

Sampling frequencies of 44.1, 48, 96, 192 kHz (BWF, WAV) 44.1, 48 kHz (MP3)

Quantization bit depth: 16/24 bits (BWF, WAV)

6 channels of TASCAM HDDA mic preamps for high audio quality with 48V phantom power

Limiter and low-cut filter available on each mic / line input

Integrated stereo monitoring mixer for mixing and / or recording of headphones

The dual recording function allows you to simultaneously record two files at different levels

The GANG function allows you to simultaneously manage the input gain of multiple channels

The pre-recording feature allows audio to be captured two seconds before recording starts

The automatic recording function can start and stop recording automatically in response to the input signal level (−48, −24, −12 or −6 dB)

Even when multiple tracks are used, all recordings made simultaneously can be managed as a single take / file

The track increment control allows you to split a recording by creating a new file at the desired point without interrupting the recording

Up to 1000 shots and 5000 files can be recorded on a single card

The Mark function can be used to move to specific points (up to 99 marks per take)

The wheel can be used to change the playback position

Repeat the play function

Panel lock function to avoid tampering

The Cascade function allows transport control of multiple DR-680MKII units via a master unit

The file name format can be set to use a user-defined word or the date

High speed transfer of files to a computer via USB 2.0

128 × 64 dot matrix display with backlight

Built-in mono speaker with 500mW output

Headphone output and level control (50mW + 50mW / 32 ohm)

Powered by 8 AA batteries or the included AC adapter

USB cable and shoulder strap included

Convenient folding stand for table use

Carrying case CS-DR680 (sold separately)

Portabrace AR-DR680 case also available

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Tascam DR-680 MkII

Tascam DR-680 MkII

Multitrack Field Recorder

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